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Trish is a 2nd generation tattooist with over 11 years’ experience in the industry. Growing up in a tattoo studio, she had the opportunity to foster her love of art develop her skills by preparing pieces for the senior artists, leading to her being offered an apprenticeship.

A Townsville local Trish is confident across most styles of tattooing and believes that an artist can only grow by challenging themselves creatively.

She enjoys working on bright and traditional pieces with lots of color-work, including color blending, shading and solid fills.

After studying in Fine Art Kaspa's passion for design could not be contained by the confines of traditional expression and he developed an interest in tattooing.

12 years later he is a well respected tattoo artist both locally and nationally, and deeply committed to the tattoo industry.

Townville local, Kaspa dedicates himself to each piece of art and continues to love every moment of tattooing.

He prides himself on being an eclectic artist and creating multiples styles of work across all genres.

He does have a soft spot for traditional and neo-traditional and very black heavy work.

Entering the tattooing industry thanks to her portfolio being shown to a local studio by a friend, Miss Boo's career took off with an immediate offer of an apprenticeship.

8 years now tattooing in Townsville, her art speaks for itself with every new piece highlighting her developed and continuously developing skills.

Miss Boo loves the freedom of expression that surrounds the tattoo industry and is passionate about the growth of the industry within the community.

She loves the opportunity to work on all genres however she has a special spot for all new school and horror themed tattoos.

Bekah B   -

Junior artist

After 10 years in the industry working in studios, Bekah picked up a tattoo machine 3 years ago and hasn't looked back.

A 2nd generation tattoo artist, born and bred in Townsville with ink in her veins, Bekah is growing as an artist with every line.

As our self declared Monthly Employee of the Month, she loves every chance to experiment with different styles of works but is especially passionate about Female faces within Greywash and any type of feminine fine line designs.

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